Surrounding yourself with Positive People

It is said that the environment in which we live and the people we keep in our company can influence our lives in a great deal. Why is this happening? Well, people tend to have a lot of habits, some of them healthier and some of not that great. Also, all of us are able to emit energy around us, depending on the way we feel and our attitude, an energy that is felt by the people around us in a subconscious manner. In other words, the people that are around us can influence us with their energy and the other way around. So, if you are a person that goes through a challenging period or wish to change your life in a significant manner, like maintain your sobriety from addictive substances, such as opiates, it is very important to surround yourself with positive people.

In the case of former addicts, it is even recommended to ditch your former social group, as the people that form it may tempt you to return to your old habits. You see, people that tell you things like “one time won’t hurt you” or “you’ve been sober for so long, most certainly you won’t feel it if you try it once” are not your true friends. True friends understand what you’re going through and will offer their support and helping hand in keeping you away from the substances that almost ruined your life. Also, being around positive people will give you hope that things can indeed get better with the right attitude. Positive people have the talent to make others smile and feel great just by being near, as they will only see the bright side of things, even when times are not that great.

So, as you can tell by now, you need such people in your life, you need someone to lift your mood when you have the sensation that you’re going to slip and fall. You need people that can inspire you and motivate you to do better, as they are real examples of what life can be when you make the right choices. Having all these in mind, do your best to seek the company of people that make you feel great and confident. Also, do not be afraid to say “no” to those that make you feel uncomfortable. For example, if you come across a person that is making you feel uneasy, through behavior, the way of talking, or proposals, feel free to refuse. Do it in a polite and diplomatic manner and just walk away. Don’t feel obliged to make others feel better, especially if the idea of doing something doesn’t feel right to you from the start.

Any positive person will say that it is okay to help others and to try to make them happy through your actions, but only as long as you feel comfortable about it. Also, you need to make yourself happy as well, so don’t neglect yourself for the wellbeing of others. You don’t need needy and negative people around you, but positive and hardworking ones, those that know that the right attitude will make things happen.

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