Staying Away from Toxic People

Staying Away from Toxic People is The Right Path toward Sobriety

The people in your life should help you and offer support when you’re facing a challenge, but we all know

that this is far from what is happening in real life. Staying sober is one hell of a task, as you struggle to defeat your inner demons, so you really don’t need a “gracious” family member or friend that is willing to take you out for a drink or hand you a pill because that will ease your pain. It won’t ease your pain as it will make you lose all the accomplishments you’ve reached so far. “Just one pill or one drink won’t be the end of the world”, as they say, can be the end for you, making you throw away months of hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and strong will to stay sober.

It is true that it’s not easy to end the relationship with a particular person, especially when you know that person for years, but you have to do it if that person risks pulling you under. If you feel uncomfortable and unpleasant in the company of a person, being surrounded by guilt or other negative feelings, then these are clear signs that you have to stop seeing that person. You need to be aware that your entourage also contributed to the situations that almost ruined your life, leading to an addiction you are fighting so hard to end, so you need to realize that ending these toxic relationships is the fastest way to a successful recovery.

are not selfish if you are putting your own health, wellbeing, and interests first, no matter what the people around you tell you because if you want others to respect you, you have to start respecting yourself first. In order to succeed in life, regardless of the domain of your interest, you have to surround yourself with people that inspire you, people that made it and are having the life you want to have, and remove the people that are doing harm to you, physically, mentally, or emotionally. If you came so far and you realized that staying sober will grant you not just a better state of health, but also a respectful life, it would be a shame not to be able to go through with your plan because one a friend you feel sorry for or find it hard to refuse, or a family member you don’t want to offer.

You need to bear in mind that it is your right to say “no” to all the things that make you uncomfortable and all the things that are not taking you on the desired path. If you don’t want to see someone because he or she may affect your recovery program, then it is your right to refuse to do so. Learn to recognize toxic people and toxic relationships, and the desired results won’t fail to appear. You’ll on your way toward the life you deserve, after working so hard, in no time.

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