Owning your sobriety: Not being ashamed of your story

As a person that has been sober for a while, you should be proud, as it is an extraordinary accomplishment. You managed to resist temptation, did not follow the calls of that group of friends that still have the addiction, and succeeded in changing your life in a positive manner. Most certainly you feel much better now, freer, without any guilt, happier, and more fulfilled. Sobriety brings along a lot of significant improvements, such as a better social life, better relationships, better family life, better financial situation, and so on. But, what you should remember is that you should not be ashamed of your story. You wouldn’t be the strong person you are today, the one that makes his or her dreams come true because you know that’s possible if it weren’t for the challenge posed by your addiction.

Your strength of character and the ability to get out of misery and turn your life around can be an example for very many people that didn’t find the power to stop. When meeting a person for the first time, he or she will certainly not suspect or believe that you were once an addict that lived an awful life. You know why is that? Because you now radiate of happiness and positivity, because now you have your life in your hands and you know where you are heading to. The past doesn’t really matter at this point, this is why your story should not make you feel ashamed. A strong person will be able to talk about his or her past problems with an open mind and heart, showing everybody that with will and commitment it is possible to overcome even the hardest challenges.

Also, when you don’t hesitate to tell your story each time you have the chance, you are actually owning your sobriety. You become fully aware of your accomplishment and just how great it is. Many people go to rehab and follow detox programs, just to go back to their addiction as soon as they’re back in their old environment. So, you know that it is not enough just to be in a special facility for a certain period in order to stay clean for the rest of your life. You know that work continues beyond the walls of the rehab center, after your detox treatment is over, as there are so many things coming your way, things you weren’t prepared for. These things may be the desire of your mind to cling onto a new addiction, your old friends that are tempting you with new doses of “poison”, the challenge of building back your life and your reputation.

So, there is nothing wrong in admitting the trigger that led to this accomplishment. We all make mistakes, smaller or bigger, and it is a great thing to realize that we are in trouble and that we need help. It is even greater to stay on the right path, being determined to live the perfect life. Plus, there is always the chance to show others that giving up an addiction is possible, no matter how hard it may seem.

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