5 Tips for staying sober

Getting rid of your opiate addiction is easier said than done, considering that there are withdrawal symptoms and that even if you passed them, it’s like your mind is trying to push you to get some more. But, what you need to remember is that this is just a phase that will go away if you remain true to your path. Also, be aware of the fact that you can control your brain and not the other way around. There are very many people that managed to stay sober and won the battle against opiate addiction. It’s time you do the same and these 5 tips are here to make things easier.

1. Don’t make room for boredom in your life

The mind of a person will often wander in all the wrong places when it is boring. So, the best way to avoid thinking about opiates is to stay busy. So, you can attend group activity with the organization that is helping you stay sober, you can spend more time with family members and reliable friends, decorate and rearrange things in your house and even help others do so, go for walks, and make sure to stay around people that inspire you to stay sober. Whatever you do, avoid people that are still using drugs and stay away from places where you know that substances are being used.

2. Make sure to rest properly

An addiction, regardless of its type, is like a disease, weakening your body and mind. So, make sure that you get plenty of rest. Do not stay up at night for too long, as you need 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Also, if you have the chance, getting a nap at noon will also do you good. If you don’t want to take a nap, at least do something relaxing that will improve your state of mind.

3. Learn to say “no” to the things you don’t like

Stress is usually a trigger that makes people want to get back to opiates, so feel free to say “no” to people and situations that are getting you stressed. You don’t have to get to the point in which you will uncomfortable, anxious, or stressed. If the thought of doing something is already stressing you out, then formulate a polite and diplomatic refusal in order to avoid the stressful event or situation.

4. Invest time and effort in staying healthy

Our body works in very strange ways sometimes, so, while recovering, you may feel the need to eat sweets and unhealthy foods rather often. So, dedicate time and attention to developing healthy eating habits. There’s plenty of information about how to eat right and how to prepare nutritious meals. Also, creating a daily exercise activity won’t just chase away any trace of stress, but will also improve your mental tonus. Doing so will make you feel better in your own skin, which helps with the recovery process.

5. Engage in activities that are pleasant and fun

Protecting your sobriety doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun. There are very many activities and things you can do that are fun and don’t involve any intoxicating substances. You can try new hobbies and explore new options until you find something you enjoy doing. Or maybe there already is something you would like to do.

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