What are the general guidelines of A New Start Clinics?

Induction Phase:

  • History and physical exam

  • Substance abuse history

  • Urine drug screen

  • Induction of medicine (if never taken)

  • Initial lab work

  • Intake assessment with therapist in first month

  • Group therapy attendance monthly beginning first month

  • NA/AA meeting at least twice monthly beginning first month

  • Weekly physician visits for first three months of care


Stabilization Phase:

  • Physician visit every two weeks

  • Urine drug screen every visit

  • Group therapy attendance

  • Individual therapy attendance

  • 2NA/AA meetings per month with attendance confirmed by leader


Maintenance Phase:

  • Have been in program 12 months or longer

  • All urine drug screens consistent for past 6 months

  • Recommended group therapy monthly for past 6 months

  • Attended NA/AA meetings 2 X monthly last 6 months

  • Attended individual therapy monthly

  • Will be scheduled monthly to see physician

  • If failure of any of the above items, placed on accountability with weekly visits for 4 weeks or longer until deemed stable by provider

  • May return to monthly visits if all items appropriate after the 2 months to re-stabilization phase



Opioid dependency is often an unintended consequence of proper pain management.  Determining you are dependent is the first step to changing your life.


Our physicians are experts in leveraging the Suboxone treatment process and will clearly layout a plan with milestones in order for you to track your process.


Treatment is a journey and the destination is your lasting sobriety.  Our physicians at A New Start Clinic are dedicated to helping you achieve lasting change in your life.